Hi Eric

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You were amazing to work with and helped Jason tremendously. We thank you for helping Jason throughout this process and for preparing him so well that he had many choices from top schools with offers of admission.

-from a parent in Fair Haven

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help preparing Bri for the SAT’s. I would have never imagined that she would enjoy SAT prep. Those great scores helped her tremendously! Thank you again for your help. It truly made a difference!

-from a parent in Ocean

Dear Laura,

I will never be able to accurately describe what your friendship, insight and optimism has meant to me. The challenges of motherhood can be overwhelming at times, and your steadiness and dependability was just what I needed to stay grounded to best guide my sons through this difficult journey.

Thank you

-from a parent in Farmingdale

Hey Eric

I have to tell you that I was a bit skeptical at first about not going to take the Princeton Review or Kaplan, but I am really pleased at your class. You did a really great job and I am so pleased we took your class. You gave great pointers across the board including the day before stuff…stress is a big factor and I think you really did a great job on that front. Also, your personality was awesome for the class…I could see how you are a preformer out of class and how that positively impacts your abilities in class. I couldn’t have imagined a better SAT teacher.

-from a parent in West Windsor

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING ERIC! I can’t even explain how thankful I am for your help. I don’t know if my mom spoke to you about continuing SAT classes, but I definitely know she’s been looking into it and wants to use your program again!

Well, I hope all is well, and again, thank you so much for your help. Hopefully see you soon!

-from a student in Little Silver

Thank You for allowing Nick into your class at the last minute. He has really enjoyed the class as well as making the honor roll this past marking period!!!

Thanks again for taking the time to teach our children in a fun and interesting environment!!!

I am so happy Natalie gave me your name. You have made a difference!!!!

-from a parent in Ocean Twp.


[My daughter] got recognized for ranking nationally at the top of the PSAT’s by the Superintendant! There were a total of 8 students in Robbinsville!! [She] ranked in the top 3% for African Americans in the NATION!! She was commended for having a top PSAT score. This will look FANTASTIC on her college resume and she may possibly qualify for some scholarships based on reaching the top 3%!!

Thank you so much for all the work you did with [my daughter]. I know she came to the table with some of the skills but you made it so much easier for her to understand and work with!!

-from a parent in Robbinsville

Hi Eric!

I really feel like your class helped me finish each section and have time to check over my work. I did guess when I narrowed it down to two answers like you told me which definitely helped relieve some of the stress. The rubber band definitely came in handy to keep my focused. Overall, I felt very well prepared! Thank you so much!

-from a student in Monmouth Beach

Ryan came out of the test building and looked at me and said “it was easy”. He felt good about himself and felt that he could not have studied any more for the test. He felt that he learned a lot from the course…taking a test, strategy, what to expect. He thanked me for signing him up for the SAT Prep class with you!

-from a parent in Marlboro

Dear Eric,

I took the SATs on Saturday and was pleasantly unsurprised. The strategies bored into my head by Laura and yourself were enormously helpful, and many a question fell to their might.

I encountered several words that must’ve slipped through my brain card-making net, but for each of those, there were ten with which the brain cards had helped me.

Thanks for everything!

-from a student in Ocean

Hi Eric,
We are very happy with the scores and truly appreciate all you have done for Ashley!!

-from a parent in Manalapan

Hi Eric,
From day one I knew you would make a difference, Caroline was so thrilled to have some really good tips to carry along with her. Her reply after the test was “it was so easy”. Thank you for all your efforts, it has been very well received.

-from a parent in West Long Branch

Hey Eric,

I wanted to let you know how well I did with my November SAT’s. I felt really confident in my reading, and your tips allowed me to take my time and not rush the questions. Thanks for all the confidence you instilled in me for my final SAT, especially the patience you had with me during the course. In the process of finishing up my general applications, I’ll keep in touch when I start to receive my acceptance letters.

-from a student in Point Pleasant

I definitely would have been lost and confused if it wasn’t for your class so thank you so much for everything you helped me with! And you guys make great cookies! I’m eating them right now!

-from a student in Ocean Twp

Hey Eric,

If you had told Chris to juggle eggs this morning he would have done that too.

He followed your check list to a Tee… Even doing some jumping jacks prior to 7am!

We left early like you said. He was one of the first to walk in. The room filled up rather quick, and they shut the doors and started the test. So he got out around 12:15 or so and was able to make his ski trip with no issues at all. The watch was perfect. They sat him so far from the wall clock that the watch turned out to be a godsend. CANNOT thank you enough for all the tips. Chris was completely stress free this morning and that’s why he thinks he did well on the test.

I’ll be in touch.

-from a parent in Navesink

Matt seems to be getting a lot out of your class. Surprisingly, he’s not saying that he’s bored in the 3 hours. That says a lot about your teaching technique.

You do a great job with the kids. Your approach is enthusiastic and fun, while they are learning.

-from a parent in Robbinsville

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for preparing me for the SAT! Your class was really fun and you were always energetic! Good luck with your future classes!

-from a student in Ocean Twp.

Thanks for everything Eric,

You have done a great job with Lauren, as she is calm and composed tonight and we are all ready for tomorrow.

You are an excellent teacher as evidenced by my daughters interest in working with you. Here is hoping you continue doing that which you are so exceptional at.

-from a parent in Manasquan

Hi Eric. It’s Gabby! I was pretty confident the morning of the test! I wasn’t nervous at all. Thank you so much for all the good tips and advice!

Oh by the way! The kid next to me had an Eric Ginsberg pencil. :) hahah

Thanks again!

-from a student in Marlboro

Hi Eric.

Thank you so much for all that you did for the group. Eric has always been a good student, but naturally complains from time to time. He never complained ONCE about going to group tutoring and always had positive comments after each session. We feel that Eric approached the SAT in a positive way and were glad to hear that he utilized learned strategies during the test.

PLEASE send your business cards. We will definitely be seeking your assistance with essay writing for the application process!

Again, thank you for all that you gave to the group (and for appreciating any humor from the boys!) We’ll share the results as soon as we receive them – fingers are crossed!

-from a parent in Ocean Twp.

Your presentation and explanation of the SAT was very helpful! Loved the humor and visuals!

-from a parent in Little Silver

Hi Eric! The test went really really well! I didn’t think it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thank you again for everything in the course, it really really really helped a lot!

-from a student in West Long Branch

Eric, we can’t thank you enough for all that you did – when our Eric wouldn’t listen to us he listened to you, and we do believe that you made a difference!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-from a parent in Ocean Twp.

…add yours below